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Launching & Advertising Your Investment

Have technical knowledge & experience to carry out the below criteria;

  • Supply modern & up-to-date resources, extensive technical support & expensive yearly subscriptions for appropriate industry websites
  • Regular research of the current rental market to provide honest & realistic rental appraisals
  • Confident rental research & organise current CMA reports (comparative marketing analyst)
  • Introduction meet & greet with the Owner to further explain your legal obligations
  • Thoroughly explaining the compliance laws and your legal obligations in full
  • Thoroughly explaining the Form 6 – Management Agreement, before signing
  • Photography (take in-house photos OR organise a professional photographer)
  • Organise script writing & advertising presentations with technical support (7 websites)
  • Organise rental signage for the property technical support
  • Organise private viewings & open home inspections
  • Organise keys for inspections, photocopy & document for security
  • Ring every tenant enquiry & screen accordingly
  • Follow up tenants after every inspection
  • Organise cleaning & carpets on behalf of the owner, in preparation for tenants moving in
  • Organise repairs or maintenance on behalf of the owner, in preparation for tenants moving in
  • Organise yard & garden maintenance on behalf of the owner, in preparation for tenants moving in
  • Arrive 5 – 10min early to open curtains / doors / lighting etc. to display the property
  • Register tenants upon entry at every inspection with technical support to ensure security
  • Communicate with tenants, during their inspection to obtain further information
  • Close up the house, close all doors, blinds etc. and leave property the way we find it
  • Follow up potential tenants the next day to obtain their feedback

Application Process

Supply technical knowledge & experience to carry out the following information & credential checks;

  • Check all applications (one per person) to ensure it’s filled out correctly, signed appropriately, including the privacy disclosure
  • Ensure 100 points of ID for each person is obtained and checked thoroughly
  • Carry out and confirm credit checks on TICA (Tenant information checking association)
  • Carry out and confirm credit checks on VEDA (Tenant data base – work visas / bankruptcy)
  • Carry out and confirm employment references – current and previous employers if necessary
  • Carry out and confirm rental references – current and previous agencies if necessary
  • Personal checks with technical support
  • Prepare all the required  Tenancy Documents to commence your tenancy:
    • The RTA Form 18a – The General Tenancy Agreement
    • The RTA Form 2 – Bond lodgement form
    • The RTA Form 1a – Entry report
    • The RTA Form 17a – the information statement
    • The Body Corporate by-laws (if applicable)
    • Lodgement of the required documents with the RTA (Government Department)
  • Prepare all keys and remotes for property – photocopy and document for a tenant handover
  • Prepare a thorough entry condition report – approximately 2-5 hours plus photos
  • Prepare and arrange a meet and greet with your tenant to sign the lease agreement and further explain their obligations, as per the legislation (approximately 1/2 hour)

During the Tenancy

Have technical knowledge & experience to carry out the following criteria;

  • Ongoing, comprehensive, regular emails of communication with the owner and tenant
  • Carry out daily trust accounting & rental receipting & reporting
  • Communicate with late rental payments either: phone call, text message or email (this is done on a daily bases)
  • Knowledge & experience to read a trust account statement & to explain further if necessary
  • Knowledge & experience to communicate either in person or over the phone to further explain a trust account rental ledger – to an owner or a tenant
  • Organise, type and send out remedy breaches if necessary (different legal obligations are necessary for each circumstance)
  • Check and pay owners invoices i.e.: rates, water, power, insurances etc.
  • Carry out & pay regular repairs/maintenance invoices for tradespersons
  • Knowledge & experience to carry out a mid-month & end of month trust rental disbursements
  • Organise regular entry notices for  inspections or maintenance (different legal obligations are necessary for each circumstances)
  • Carry out regular routine Inspections every 4 months: Attend the property and inspect accordingly, take photos if necessary  (approx. time is 20 minutes per property), and further discuss tenancy & property condition with tenants, if present
  • Complete a written routine report and attach photos accordingly, emailing the completed report to the owner along with the photos
  • Organise and attend to any maintenance or repairs, as per an owners instructions, with informed, professional advice if requested
  • Obtain quotes for repairs if necessary and arrange the entry notice between the tradesperson & the tenant
  • Tenancy renewals, negotiation and mediation with tenants to maximise your income
  • Conduct regular research of the rental market to optimise your rental income
  • Contact owner to confirm instructions to renew or vacate the tenant accordingly
  • Organise and communicate with the tenant for a new lease offer or follow up with a notice to leave
  • Negotiating rent adjustment between a tenant and an owner if applicable
  • Organize further paper work for a new tenancy renewal – RTA Form 18a Tenancy Agreement
  • Lodging a bond increase if application and if the rent has been increased
  • Scan all documentation for each owner, property and tenant in the appropriate file

Tenant Vacating Process

Have technical knowledge & experience to carry out the following criteria;

  • Complete a thorough exit condition report – approximately 2-5 hours + photos
  • Communicate, mediate & negotiate with the tenants before the their bond is refunded
  • If necessary & applicable, prepare legal documents with the RTA for a dispute resolution
  • Be accessible & professionally prepared for a conference call with the RTA & the tenant to resolve a dispute
  • Prepare all relevant  QCAT documents, photocopy all necessary documents and lodge with QCAT
  • Help organize owners Landlord insurance if necessary
  • Prepare a thorough entry condition report for your new tenant moving in  – approximately 2-5 hours + photos

Further knowledge and Experience

  • Water compliancy laws
  • Smoke alarm compliancy laws (New & old)
  • Blind compliancy laws
  • Swimming pool compliancy laws
  • Knowledge & experience of current rental market
  • Landlord insurance knowledge (tenant protection)
  • Body corporate by-laws
  • RTRA regulations / tenancy rules
  • RTRA ACT / Legislation for Landlords and Tenants
  • Property Occupations Act / legal forms used for your legal obligations
  • Mediation dispute resolution  & consultation
  • QCAT documentation for court hearings
  • QCAT proceedings & attendance
  • Centrelink payments / statements & tenancy procedures
  • Defence procedures and regulations
  • Familiar with the Building code regulations / health & safety
  • Familiar with the fencing / tree acts
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Our High Expectations and Promise to You

  • Outstanding and extensive communication skills
  • Knowledge & experience with  regular & thorough legislation training
  • Zero tolerance for rental arrears, maintenance & maintaining your property
  • Maturity, wisdom & common-sense
  • Complete honesty & integrity
  • Team work & accountability
  • Personal approach – always
  • Diligent & efficient work policies & procedures
  • We work & think  outside the square
  • Our industry passion

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