Here are 5 easy ways to add value to your home

  • Gardening – nothing fancy, just keep it tidy. Lawns mowed, paths edged, gardens weeded
  • Lights – Your property should be well lit. Replace any broken globes and replace with LED lighting where possible
  • Declutter – Show off how much space your home has by removing any unnecessary clutter
  • Cleaning – Keep your home sparkling, especially bathrooms and kitchens
  • Maintenance – Look for anything that might need to be fixed. Start listing them down and call a handyman/tradesperson in when the list is ready

Some bonus advanced tips

  • Start planting flowers in the gardens or speak with your local gardener
  • If you have a creative flair, visit stores to add some finishing homely touches – eg. Adairs or Kmart – or speak to a stylist
  • High pressure clean the concrete around the home. You may want to use a professional if it’s a large job or you’re working on stencilled concrete

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